Leasing a Photo Booth, isn’t that expensive? NO! Our brand new Digital booth has several price points available for day, month, and year long budgets to accommodate our clients. Our digital photo booth needs very little space which is perfect for a retail environment, restaurant, night club or bar, State Fair, trade show, gym, or any other outside the box place that our client may need. We even have digital props with facial recognition to still allow for guests to “goof off” without having the mess or additional space requirements of physical props.

Our digital setup needs just one outlet and takes up just 2×2 feet of space. We use a beauty light to capture the best photo and we incorporate a custom overlay design to each photo. This can be a Bride and Grooms name or a company logo. Each guest then has the ability to upload their photo to their Text or Email. Once that photo arrives the guest has additional options to upload to Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat! Best yet, to further maximize corporate marketing, we capture each guests email or phone and can provide that to our clients in an Excel spreadsheet. The corporate client can then incorporate that information into a future marketing campaign or a simple thank you for attending a specific event whether that be a Grand Opening, Tulsa State Fair, or a trade show opportunity.

With our long term leases we have the ability through our cloud based software to provide multiple graphic design changes remotely to keep the photo “fresh” for your guests or to stay up to date with current promotions.

Not only can we provide a branded photo opportunity but our all digital booth captures GIF videos as well! Always branded with your logo, all the time! Market your company or brand in a unique and FUN way by doing something different from your competitors. You will LOVE the feedback you get, and you will market via your customers social media accounts organically rather than paid ads.

Last but not least, make sure and speak with us about a vinyl wrap of the digital booth to really wow your guests and make the booth look like it is home at your establishment!